You'll find recommendations for reading here. The biggest advantage to knowing Japanese is that you open up the remaining 90~% of the works that never see the light of day in the eyes of those who can't read and I stumble across quite a lot of them. It's actually gotten hard to remember the actual titles I want to follow up with so this is actually as much to recommend something new to people as much as it is a way for me to remember which ones of these I actually liked.
2019-07-11 Machikado Mazoku 332 33333423 slice of life, magical girls, comedy Poor, slow demon girl gets domesticated by spartan magical girl till she gets good. 2019-06-26 12 Suicidal Children 432 32121222 mystery, psychological, weirdos 12 strangers make suicide pact at an empty hospital but find someone got to it extra early. 2019-05-15 Deaimon 332 33312433 cute, comfy, family Manchild returns home to makes sweets and finds a new daughter in the family.