Haven't written anything long form in quite a while but I do get an itch to try my hand at writing my own stuff again from time to time. I'll just get this spot ready for when I do get down to scratching those itches in the future.
ITT /a/nime Plot
I try to pop off one of these any time I spot a thread and eventually I started storing them away after writing them up. Not all of them though, there's at least few lost to internet history cause I only started including a way to hunt them down in the archives a while after doing them. Most are made up on the spot but a few of these do get time to stew before I post them. Have fun figuring out which ones are which since I amaze myself sometimes with these.
2020-01-13Bible 2.0comedy, drama, mystery
2020-01-10You Know The Drillcomedy
2020-01-04The Last Days of Hopesci-fi, mystery
2020-01-01Ara Ara, Who Would Want An Old Hero Like Me?isekai, gender bender
2019-12-16Kamen Rider ArtZsci-fi, fantasy
2019-11-30 Crossworld Knightsfantasy
2019-11-27Catastrophe Marchingfantasy, horror
2019-11-24The Game In The Citysci-fi, mystery
2019-11-18The Spirits of the White WandererFantasy, Mystery
2019-11-15The People's Lordfantasy
2019-11-12Souls for the Herofantasy, tragedy
2019-11-09The Land Cloaked in Deepest Bluesci-fi, adventure
2019-11-06The Second ShotSci-Fi, Thriller
2019-11-03Requiem for a Trucksci-fi, tragedy
2019-10-31Ace to AceSci-Fi, Thriller
2019-10-28Looking Out For FamilyRomance
2019-10-25The Tree Worth A Demon's BargainsSci-fi, Tragedy
2019-10-19The Way Forward and BackIsekai
2019-10-13Trapping a Magical Girlgender bender, magical girls
2019-10-10My Memories For TimeFantasy, Mystery
2019-10-07A Bargain For A Dreamfantasy, tragedy
2019-10-01The Rainy Heart Hunterfantasy
2019-09-28The Hero's Last Lifefantasy, tragedy
2019-09-25The Journey For Faithfantasy, tragedy
2019-09-22City of Living Ghostssci-fi, romance
2019-09-19A Curse For A Cursefantasy, tragedy
2019-09-13 I Woke In Another World And Now I Have To Pretend To Be My Sister So I Can Find Her!?LN title, isekai, sci-fi, mystery, gender bender
2019-09-10The Memories We Sharefantasy
2019-09-07Together Down The Slippery Slopeisekai, psychological, gender bender
2019-09-04Battle Stripperssci-fi, comedy
2019-09-01Working on Loveromcom
2019-08-29Walking Still In Timesci-fi, tragedy
2019-08-26Faith In A Saviorslice of life, psychological
2019-08-23Waiting For The Darksci-fi, time travel, apocalypse
2019-08-17The Criminal Of Taker's Streetmystery, fantasy
2019-08-14A World Withoutsci-fi
2019-08-11ITT: Write An Anime Plotsci-fi, tragedy
2019-08-05 The Armors Racesci-fi
2019-08-02The Demon's Conquestbattle harem, fantasy, sci-fi
2019-07-30Missed It By That Muchromcom
2019-07-27Our World On The Movesci-fi, space
2019-07-24Smite Me, Almighty Idol!supernatural, comedy